Smart frame- An Economical and Effective Prehab Design Solution

SmartFrame machine

1. What is a prehab house?

A prefabricated house, also known as a pre-engineered steel building, is a building where materials of it are manufactured in a factory and then delivered and assembled on site.

The search for a solution to manufacture steel bars for prefabricated houses with many different profiles but still ensuring safety for the customers has been increasing due to the increasing demands for prefabricated houses for real estate investment and resorts in recent years. To help production units and project investors to construct and operate more efficiently, ensuring the accuracy, flexibility in dismantling and avoid the loss of construction materials is very important. After a series of research and testing, Vietsteel is proud to introduce a new prehab construction solution that is different to the traditional method, the SmartFrame solution.

2. What is the SmartFrame solution?

SmartFrame solution is a solution that was created using the designs, manufacturing and construction of light steel buildings to replace tradition construction methods and was made possible by Smartframe machines and a specialized design software

Smartframe machines are a type of machine that rolls steel products into the correct shape and size according to the designs and drawings made. This is an advanced technology that has been applied to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, etc.

Softwares used in the Smartframe solution includes:
-A light steel frame design software to extract the estimated volume and cost.
-A software to convert the drawing file to an NC code.
-A monitoring software to control the machine used.

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3. Table of Specifications

Smartframe machine
WattageServo Motor 11kW Hydraulic Motor 7.5kW
Weight5 tons
Dimensions (LxWxH)5m x 1.0m x 1.5m
Speed28 mpm (without punching) 5-8 mpm (not including punching)
Number of shaft pairs07
Drive systemServo motor and gearbox
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinder
Punching systemHydraulic cylinder
Control systemProgrammed and monitored by dedicated software
Workpiece Thickness0.6-1.2mm
Workpiece hardness345-550Mpa AS1365 & AS 1397
Type of workpieceGalvanized sheet & zinc aluminum alloy plated
Example of truss bar profile- sample ( Unit: mm)
Sample of rafter bar profile (Unit: mm)
SizeWH1H2OFFERtCoil with
Table of specification of truss bar – example (DVT: mm)

4. Operation process of SmartFrame machine

SmartFrame machine’s 9-step process

SmartFrame machine layout

5. Application of SmartFrame machine

Due to its compact structure, good bearing compacity, easy to assemble design, fast construction and light steel frame, SmartFrame is widely applied from single houses (townhouse, villas, bungalows, etc) to buildings (residential houses, commercial kiosks, offices, hospitals,etc) or equipment rigs (solar battery farms, etc).

Factory example (factory selling roofs – gable house)
Construction site- mobile homes, store house. Applied to the floors, roofs, walls to the traditional building.

6. Benefits of applying SmartFrame technology

  • Finished products are produced quickly with an average of 2-3 days to complete a level 4 prehab house.
  • Designs are simplified with the SmartFrame software.
  • Less demands for operating workers as the machines are automated and does most of the job.
  • Assemble of house frames are easier as the SmartFrame machine integrates automatic code printing software on products during the production of a prefabricated house.

7. Warranty & Support during use

  • Warranty period: We will issue a 12-month warranty certificate to the customers after completing the installation, testing, and confirming everything at the factory.
  • We will make a warranty claim for the customer within 3 days after receiving the warranty claim.
  • During the warranty period, if any faults were caused by the customer, we will send materials and technical staffs to the customer’s factory to repair the fault. However, the customer will have to bear all travel costs, material costs, and support costs for our technical staff.
  • In the other case that the faults were caused by us, the seller, we will send all the materials and technical staffs to the customer’s factory to repair the fault. We, the seller, will bear all travel costs, material costs, and support costs for our technical staff.
  • Out-of-warranty: As the sellers, we will not warrant any consumable parts, errors due to incorrect operation, improper use of functions, and unsatisfactory power supply. We will also not be responsible for customers if: the product drops or breaks, water is contaminated, the electrical connection is not satisfactory, our maintenance in accordance with the technical regulations (notified to the customer beforehand) is not satisfactory to the customer or due to force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, etc.

8. About us

Vietsteel has started to build it reputation since the early days of its establishments through the products made by the business as well as the prestige in cooperation with others. Here are 4   reasons that help Vietsteel continuously maintain its reputation:

  1. Long Experience:
    • Nearly 5,000 high-quality machines and production lines have been successfully delivered to customers from all over the world.
    • We have nearly 5,000 customers and partners from all around the world.
    • We have customers from over 40 countries and in 5 continents.
    • We have 24/7 customer support and professional after-sales.
  2. Possessing an outstanding workforce: We have over 140 experienced staff and 2 factories, one being 18,000m2 and the other one being a processing workshop of 2,000m2 that all ensure machine control.
  3. Having an advanced operating and equipment system: Vietsteel always periodically upgrades or buys all necessary equipment.
  4. Clear contract: All terms and conditions are carefully considered by Vietsteel and included in the contract is the approval of both parties. Customers can base and compare the product afterwards to ensure completion before payment.

Why should you choose SmartFrame Solution System by Vietsteel? [Click here]

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