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Invitation to indo build tech expo 2023
Invitation to indo build tech expo 2023

About Indo Build Expo 2023

Indo Build Tech Expo – the largest building material, interior and architecture exhibition series in Indonesia, as a premier promotion stage of world brands for showing up their latest release of products, will soon proceed to its 22nd edition on 5 to 9 July 2023 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Tangerang with a new concept of optimizing benefits and added values for all visitors and exhibitors. The concept integrates Indo Build Tech with co-located exhibitions, a series of business programmes and architecture installation festival on a single platform of offline interactions. The event launching with a new concept took place at St. Regis Hotel, Jakarta by PT Debindo-ITE as the owner and organizer of IndoBuildTech Expo.

Indo Build Tech Expo 2023, is able to arouse interest and provide a fantastic chance for all parties concerned. The collaboration between exhibitors and organizers provides an opportunity to re-energize to further encourage the development industry.

On the same timing and venue (co-located) with IndoBuildtech Expo 2023, parallel exhibitions representing 4 derivative industries of building material, interior and architecture will also be running, consisting of (1) Indonesia Building Façade Expo, (2) Indonesia Facilities Management, (3) Indonesia Lighting Technology Expo, and (4) Indonesia Construction Technology Expo. Industrial holistic coverage of  IndoBuildTech Expo 2023 will accordingly offer a comprehensive solutions to the visitors, more than just products required for building construction and renovation, but also opportunities for sharing new insights that will inspire future developments.

Indo Build Tech Expo 5-9 July 2023
Indo Build Tech Expo 5-9 July 2023

Outstanding product of Vietsteel Roll Forming Machine

1. Steptile Roll Forming Machine

Step tile roll forming machine
Step tile Roll Forming Machine

Tile imitation sheet or also known as tile sheet or wave tile sheet. This type of sheet is commonly used for roofing villas or multi-level architectural structures with steep slopes. The advantage of the tile roll forming machine is its customizable and aesthetically pleasing design, easy and stable operation with a sturdy machine frame, and reasonable price. With the wave tile roll forming machine, customers can operate the machine stably 24/7 to achieve the desired production output.

In addition to the option of a single-layer wave tile roll forming machine, customers can also choose a double-layer wave tile roll forming machine to produce two types of sheets, saving costs and factory space
The Step tile roll forming machine is a specialized machine used to shape and produce metal roofing sheets in the form of wave tiles, used in commercial and residential constructions.

Vietsteel designs, manufactures, and produces all types of wave tile roll forming machines with suitable features for each scale of roofing manufacturers, including two common models: Model ST-SH and Model ST-EH.

Common characteristics of wave tile roll forming machine models:

Regarding the structure:

Machine weight: 12-18 tons
Dimensions: L = 6-12 m; W = 2.3-2.6 m; H = 1.6 m
Material thickness: 0.18-0.5 mm
Input sheet width: 914/940/1200/1220/1250 mm
Material hardness: G300-G450 Mpa (GI/PPGI, GL/PPGL)
Number of forming stations: 12-26
Control system: PLC, programmable HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
Cutting system: Hydraulic cylinder
SKD11 cutting blade manufactured with CNC precision, heat-treated to achieve 52-58 HRC hardness
Rollers made of C45 steel, precisely CNC machined and chrome plated

More information about Step tile roll forming machine: [Click here]

Regarding the features:

The machine has the capability to automatically shape and cut at any desired length with pre-set quantities.
The intelligent control panel allows you to view the total length of the finished coil.
The machine will automatically alert before the order is finished.
The machine can operate continuously for 20 to 22 hours per day thanks to the equipped hydraulic system cooling.
Outstanding advantages of wave tile roll forming machines at Vietsteel.
The machine produces finished products with near-perfect accuracy according to the requirements.
The sheets have no exposed joints between two panels when viewed from all directions: top-down or bottom-up.

Benifit when use Vietsteel ‘s Step tile Roll Forming Machine

The mold is designed to standard, ensuring that the waves do not run downward or upward diagonally.
The machine is accurately designed and installed to ensure smooth operation between the shafts and cutting blade, avoiding serration.
The machine has stable performance for 15 years with a 1-year warranty.
The machine can roll form wave tiles of various thicknesses, colors, and different materials according to customer orders with high productivity in a short period while maintaining aesthetics and quality.
The cost of wave tile roll forming machine is reasonable, with low operating costs, which helps save labor and insurance expenses.
The machine has a clear origin and good warranty policy, and the Vietsteel team will advise on the machine model that suits the business situation.

2. C Truss Roll Forming Machine

C Truss Roll Forming Machine
C Truss Roll Forming Machine

The C Truss Roll Forming Machine is a specialized machine used to produce C-Truss steel structures that are commonly used in the construction industry. Some of the advantages of the C-Truss Roll Forming Machine include:

High-quality products: The C-Truss Roll Forming Machine is designed to produce high-quality C-Truss steel structures that are durable and long-lasting. The machine is equipped with advanced technology that ensures accuracy and precision in the production process, resulting in a consistent and uniform product.

High productivity: The C-Truss Roll Forming Machine is highly productive, capable of producing large quantities of C-Truss steel structures in a short time. With a forming speed of 30 mpm and 18 to 20 roller stations, the machine can produce products quickly and efficiently.

Customization: The C-Truss Roll Forming Machine can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer. The machine can produce C-Truss steel structures of different sizes, shapes, and colors to match the design specifications of the building.

Automatic operation: The C Truss Roll Forming Machine is fully automated, which eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces labor costs. The machine automatically forms and cuts at any length with pre-set quantity, giving signal feedback from the encoder to show the length of the product.

Durability: The C-Truss Roll Forming Machine is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The alloy steel fabricated rollers of the machine are hard chromium plated, making them resistant to wear and tear and ensuring the longevity of the machine.

C-Truss Roll Forming Machine is designed with 11kw motor with 18 to 20 roller station and 30 mpm forming speed. This automatically forms and cuts at any length with pre-set quantity. It gives signal feedback from encoder to show the length of product.

Specifications C Truss Roll Forming Machine:

ItemsTR-EH Model
Power– Transmission: 11kw
– Motor-Pump:3.7kw
Weight of machine4.5 – 5.5 tons
DimensionL= 7-8m; W= 1.2m; H= 1.4m
Forming Speed30mpm
Roller stations18–20
Transmission systemElectric motor and Gear box
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinder
Control systemPLC, HMI automatic programmable
Material thickness0.5 – 1.2mm
Material width100 – 270 mm
Material Yield StrengthG450 – G550 Mpa
NameTR-EH Model
Touch panelSIEMENS – Germany
EncodersKUBLER – Germany
InverterYASKAWA – Japan
Electric motorTOSHIBA – Japan
Servo motor
Hydraulic componentsYUKEN – Japan
Cutting dies SKD11Japan
RollersAlloy steel
Gear boxTaiwan

More information C-truss Roll Forming Machine: [Click here]

3. Double Deck Roll Forming Machine

Double Deck Roll Forming Machine

Vietsteel Machinery is proud to offer double-layer roofing roll forming machines in both domestic and international high-end markets, including Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and America.

These machines can produce various rib-type profiles, ranging from 5 to 14 ribs, with the 5-rib profile being the most common. The type of metal roofing for the double deck configuration depends on the customer’s specific product requirements, including standard trapezoidal roofs, corrugated roofs, or metal roof tiles.

A double deck roll forming machine consists of two layers or levels of roll forming parts, which is why it is also known as a dual-level roll forming machine. It is capable of producing two separate metal sheets simultaneously, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution. Other names for the double-layer roll forming machine include double sheet roll forming machine, double deck roll forming machine, and 2-in-1 double deck roofing sheet machine.

By utilizing a double-layer roll forming machine, you can save space, time, and money, as it combines two profiles into a single machine, offering increased productivity and efficiency.

ItemsDR-EH Model
PowerTransmission: 7.5 – 15 kwMotor-Pump: 5.5 – 7.5 kw
Weight of machine16 -20 tons
DimensionL=10-13m; W=1.8-2.3m; H=1.65m
Roller stationsTop deck: 20 -32Bottom deck: 20 -32
Transmission systemElectric motor and gear box
Pre – CuttingHydraulic motor
Profile – CuttingHydraulic motor
Control systemPLC, HMI automatic programmable
Material thicknessTop deck: 0.2 – 0.5 mmBottom deck: 0.2 – 0.5 mm
Material withTop deck: 914/ 940/ 1200/ 1220/ 1250/ 1450 mmBottom deck: 914/ 940/ 1200/ 1220/ 1250/ 1450 mm
Material Yield StrengthTop deck: G300 – G550 Mpa (GI/PPGI, GL/PPGL)Bottom deck: G300 – G550 Mpa (GI/PPGI, GL/PPGL)

About Vietsteel Machinery

Vietsteel Machinery offers a wide range of products and good solutions for companies operating in sheet metal, construction, manufacturing industries. Our products include:

Vietsteel takes pride in manufacturing all of its machines professionally and reasonably in Vietnam. The company’s goal is to offer flexible machines that are of the highest quality and feature customized designs. This approach provides customers with unique benefits and experiences.

By prioritizing quality and customization, Vietsteel ensures that its machines meet the specific needs and requirements of customers. This not only enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the machines but also offers a personalized touch that aligns with each customer’s preferences.

Vietsteel’s commitment to providing flexible machines with customized designs reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction. By delivering unique benefits and experiences, the company aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers and contribute to their success.

For the best quotation, please contact Vietsteel now +84 906 898 860
Email: vietsteel@vietsteel.com Website: www.vietsteel.com