Highlight Vietsteel in IndoBuildTechExpo 2023 from 5th-9th, July 2023

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From 5th to 9th, July, 2023, Indonesia Convention Exhibition / ICE BSD Hall 5-10

A large-scale exhibition such as Indobuild Tech has brought many opportunities for both Vietsteel and customers about understanding technology, services as well as build new partnerships. Once again, we are very pleased to thank customers for visiting and being interested in products at Vietsteel’s booth.
The Indo Build Tech Expo attracted a large number of high-quality visitors. Our exhibitors were pleased with the level of interest shown by the visitors. We have reached many customers from various countries, mainly in the Southeast Asian region.
Indo Build Tech Expo 2023, is able to arouse interest and provide a fantastic chance for all parties concerned. The collaboration between exhibitors and organizers provides an opportunity to re-energize to further encourage the development industry.These machines are widely used in the construction industry for shaping metal sheets forming machine.
IndoBuildTech Expo 2023 offers a complete solution to visitors, from a variety of products for building construction and renovation to insights that inspire future development.
Vietsteel is delighted to have many customers visiting and inquiring about our products. Our dedicated staff members take care of and introduce our products with great enthusiasm.
Thank you for customers make the event exhibition successfully.
You success is Vietsteel’s Success

Highlight with moment together Vietsteel and Customers

Vietsteel Machine Vietnam – Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer has over 22 years experience to ensure machine quality and customer satisfaction all over the world.
VIETSTEEL is the Vietnamese LEADING EXPERT in roll forming machines and manufacturing all kinds of roll forming, bending, and cutting machines, etc.
At Vietsteel, we prioritize the use of advanced design and manufacturing techniques to ensure our machines meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to maintain strict control over the production process, resulting in machines that are built to last and deliver outstanding results.

We look forward to collaborating with you and delivering tailored solutions that drive your business forward.

The reason why you should choose to buy the machine at VIETSTEEL:
Pioneered in roll forming machine with 25 years of experience
Delivered 5000 machines to 500 customers in 41 countries over the world
Vietsteel machines produce products with almost absolute precision.
Our machine runs stably for 15 years with 1-year warranty
24/7 professional and fast customer support
The strong financial capacity guarantees on-time delivery on each contract
More than 140 experienced employees and 2 factories (18,000m2) including a machining workshop (2,000m2) equipped with CNC milling, turning, cutting, planning, etc., to ensure quality control of all sets of mechanical parts of the machine.
Vietsteel Machinery offers a wide range of products and good solutions for companies operating in sheet metal, construction, manufacturing industries. Our products include:

Vietsteel takes pride in manufacturing all of its machines professionally and reasonably in Vietnam. The company’s goal is to offer flexible machines that are of the highest quality and feature customized designs. This approach provides customers with unique benefits and experiences.