Understand the Roll Forming Machine (in 5 minutes)

Vietsteel Step tile Roll Forming machine
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Nowadays, with the development of industrial zones, factories, warehouses, houses, the demand for roofing sheets is increasing, leading to the growth of Roll forming machine factories. So what is the roll forming machine? How many types of roll forming machines are available? How to operate it? … In this article, Vietsteel will introduce from A-Z information about the roll forming machine so that you can understand more about this one!

What is the roll forming machine?

A roll forming machine is a type of machine used to produce all kinds of metal sheets used in roofing houses or walls for large and small projects or factories, with many beautiful designs and durable profiles. 

Vietstseel Kliplock Roll Forming machine
Vietstseel Kliplock Roll Forming machine

How many types of roll forming machines are available?

With advantages such as fast-rolling speed, high productivity, and automation to save labor and cost, roll forming machines are currently commonly used in the market, including:

  • Roofing Roll Forming machines such as 4-ribs profile and 5-ribs profile roofing roll forming machine, 6-ribs profile, 7 ribs profile, 9ribs profile, 11 ribs profile or 13ribs profile corrugated roofing roll forming machine,…
  • The Double Deck roll Forming machine will usually be combined as 2 decks of roofing profile, roofing profile deck + corrugated profile deck, roofing profile deck + step tile profile deck or corrugated profile deck + step tile profile deck and many types of different profiles.
  • Corrugated roll forming machine
  • Step tile roll forming machine
  • Kliplock roll forming machine
  • Seamlock roll forming machine
Vietsteel Step tile Roll Forming machine
Vietsteel Step tile Roll Forming machine

How to operate the Roll forming machine?

The Roll Forming Machine is one of the machines used a lot for construction because of its high accuracy and durability. Operating the Roll forming machine is not difficult, but in order to operate it smoothly, you need to first understand the rules and standard operations that the company offers.

To operate the machine, it is necessary to follow these steps in sequence:

I. Checking before opening the Roll Forming machine

Check the power to make sure the power to the roll forming machine has all three phases, including the wire with full 3 phases, including neutral and ground line.

Check the oil level in the machine’s tank

Check the cooling water level to make sure the machine operation is not overheating.

Vietsteel Floordeck Roll Forming machine
Vietsteel Floordeck Roll Forming machine

II. Operating Roll Forming Machine

Follow these steps in sequence:

1. Turn on the power for the Roll Forming Machine

2. Open the oil pump

3. Check the positions of the limit switch, front and back cutting die.

  • Make sure knife stroke is active
  • If the limit switches are not in the specified position, immediately carry out the pre-cutting, post-cutting, manual punching without coil so that the machine automatically brings the limit switches to the right specified positions.

4. Enter your order:

  • If you want to delete the length, quantity, old order, press DELETE ORDER / RESET ORDER
  • Then enter the length and quantity parameters for the specifications (you can enter up to 10 profiles at the same time).
  • Switch the machine to manual mode, (switch the MAN-AUTO switch to the MAN position), and send the coil to the front edge of the entry guides
  • Press DELETE / RESET LENGTH button to 0
  • Switch the MAN-AUTO switch to the AUTO side.
  • Press FWD to start the machine automatically.

III. Shut down the roll forming machine

There are 3 actions to do at this stage including:

  • Turn off the oil pump
  • Turn off the machine’s power
  • Finally, cleaning the machine

IV. Caution when operating the Roll forming machine

  • To ensure occupational safety, only well-trained workers are allowed to operate the machine.
  • Before running the machine, workers need to check safety systems such as electrical safety conditions such as voltage, fuses, electrical relays, conductors, or covers of dynamic parts.
  • It is necessary to ensure maintenance lubrication before each shift and cleaning machines before shifting.
  • Before starting the rolling mill (loaded), the machine must be operated without load for 1 to 3 minutes to check the transmission components.

Some types of materials suitable for the roll forming machine

Materials for the Roll forming machine are extremely varieties, but there are generally the following two types:

  • Metal Steel: The final product is high-strength corrugated iron, good plasticity, but the disadvantage is high cost.
  • Material of black steel, galvanized steel: Use carbon steel with hardness from 300 – 550 Mpa. To overcome the above phenomenon, it is often galvanized.

Service of Vietsteel

At Vietsteel, we design, manufacture, and install all kind of roll forming machine, such as:

  • Roofing Roll Forming machine
  • Step tile  Roll Forming machine
  • Floordeck Roll Forming machine
  • Kliplock roll forming machine
  • Double deck Roll Forming machine
  • Roofing Roll Forming Machine with PE
  • PU system

With the vision of becoming the world’s leading company in the field of designing, manufacturing roll forming machines, Vietsteel always brings the best quality and stable machines with high precision products that can use more than 10 years. The warranty for 1 year with warranty, lifetime maintaining and 24/7 customer service

Vietsteel with over 22 years of experience, has successfully delivered and installed 3,500 machines for 420 customers in 41 countries; More than 140 experienced employees and 2 factories (18,000m2) including a machining workshop (2,000m2) equipped with CNC milling, turning, cutting, planing, etc., to ensure quality control of all sets of mechanical parts of the machine.

For the best price with a detailed quotation, please contact hotline 84-28 906 898 860 or email vietsteel@vietsteel.com.