Discount On Roll Forming Machines For Special Event From June to July, 2023 in USA

Special discount from June to July

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Product of Roll Forming Machine in Vietsteel

1. Decking Roll Forming Machine

Specification in Decking roll forming machine

ItemsFD-EH Model
Power– Transmission: 22 – 30kw
– Motor-Pump: 11 – 15kw
Weight of machine20 – 25 tons
DimensionL = 12-22m ; W = 2.1m ; H = 1.9m
Forming Speed16 – 20mpm
Roller stations32 – 42
Transmission systemElectric motor andGear box
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinder
Control systemPLC, HMI automatic programmable
Material thickness0.7 –1.6 mm
Material width1200– 1250mm
Material Yield StrengthG350 – G550 Mpa

Decking roll forming machine has many outstanding features, suitable in the mechanical manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Decking Roll Forming Machine
Decking Roll Fomring Machine Product

About features Decking Roll Forming Machine

  • Decking roll forming machine automatically shapes and cuts to any length with preset quantity. Workers just need to manipulate on the controller the desired size and press start button to activate the production line. The product will be completed according to the pre-installed size, with high accuracy and low uncertainties.
  • Decking roll forming machine has a smart control system so it can automatically give notice before the order ends. So, the operator does not need to wait till the line is finished. The Automation of the machine helps save costs, keep man work more productive during operation period. The safety factor can highly be achieved during the production process.
  • The next modern feature of the floor-deck roll forming machine is the signal response from the encoder that displays the existing length of the product.
  • The panel of the Floordeck roll forming machine allows to count the total length of the finished coil. The automatic counting will produce accurate parameters, avoid confusion, save working time, report quickly when the manufacturing process is completed.
  • Rollers are alloy steels made by precise CNC machines and have hard chromium plating of 45-48HRC.
  • Decking roll forming machine has skd11 steel cutting knife made of CNC machine; the smelter reached 55-60HRC.
  • Decking roll forming machine is installed with hydraulic system and cooling system capable of operating continuously from 20 hours to 22 hours per day. However, customers should not let the machine run continuously for long periods of time to avoid short-burning or shortened life expectancy. Enterprises should regularly maintain the machine so that the machine achieves maximum capacity, long lifespan.

More information Decking roll forming machine: [Click here]

2. Light Steel Frame Machine

Specification of Light Steel Frame Machine

Electric requirement:415V/3ph/50Hz
Electric Power:Servo motor: 11 Kw
Hydraulic motor: 7.5 Kw
Weight:05 tons
Machine dimension (LxWxH):5m x 1.0m x 1.5m
Forming speed:28 mpm(without punching)
05-08 mpm(with punching)
Roller station:12
Transmission system:Servo motor and gear box
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinder
Punching systemHydraulic Cylinder
Control system :FrameWare
Windows based PC for programming & monitoring
Material thickness :0.6 mm – 1.2 mm
Material width :190 mm
Yield Range:345-550Mpa AS1365 & AS1397
Material type:Galvanized & Zincalume steel coils
Web Size:89 mm
Flange Size:39/41mm
Lip:12mm – Approx.
Light Steel Frame Machine
Light Steel Frame Machine
Light Steel Frame Machine
Light Steel Frame Machine

About features Light Steel Frame Machine

Flexible manufacturing machine, synchronize with design software
Compact machine and movable
Automatic operating, print code on product in high speed
The Smart Light Truss machine offers full framing options with 07 tooling punches and  additional custom tool
The Smart Light Truss machine design is ease to on site assembly, ease to maintenance, ease to operate, a large range of common spare parts.
Synchronization between Electric and hydraulic system.
Back gauge is driven by motor-encoder.
Top punch and Bottom die are made from alloy steel, fabricated by precision CNC machine, hardened get 48-55 HRC and chromium plated
Hydraulic system is equipped with a cooling system to afford the machine operating continuously from 20 to 22 hours per day.

More information Light Steel Frame Machine: [Click here]

3. Roofing Roll Forming Machine

ItemsRF-HD Model
Weight of machine9 -15 tons
DimensionL=9-13m; W=1.5-2.0m; H=1.6m
Roller stations20 – 32
Transmission systemHydraulic Motor
Pre – CuttingHydraulic cylinder
Profile – CuttingHydraulic cylinder
Control systemPLC, HMI automaticprogrammable
Material thickness0.2 – 0.6mm
Material with914/ 940/ 1200/ 1220/ 1250/ 1450 mm
Material Yield StrengthG300 – G550 Mpa (GI/PPGI, GL/PPGL)
Roofong Roll Forming Machine
Roofong Roll Forming Machine
Roofong Roll Forming Machine
Roofong Roll Forming Machine

Automaticallyforming and cutting at any length with pre-set quantity.
Automatically alarm to pre-cut before the order finished.
Signal feedback from encoder showinglength of product.
The control panel enables to count a total length of finished coil.
Rollers are alloy steelmade by CNC precision machine and hard chromium plated
Cutting die is SKD11 steel made by CNC machine, thermal treatment get 55-60HRC.
Hydraulic system is equipped with a cooling system to afford the machine operating continuously from 20 to 22 hours per day.

More information Roofing Roll Forming Machine [Click here]

Video of promotion for special event this time, from June to July, 2023 in USA

Quotation for Vietsteel Machinery Co., LTD at Special Event From June to July, 2023

VIETSTEEL is a reputable company in Vietnam that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of roll forming machines, including purlin roll forming machines, C truss, bar rolling machines, and slitting machines. They offer 4 lines of double deck roll forming machines, consisting of 8 different models, at reasonable prices.

To buy roll forming machine from VIETSTEEL, you can contact them through the hotline number +84 906 898 860 or send an email to to receive detailed pricing, promotion and product advice. The purchase of roll forming machine depends on your needs and requirements, so you can provide additional information about the size, material, and volume of the product you need to produce to receive the best support from VIETSTEEL.”

VIETSTEEL’s products are backed by a 1-year warranty and lifetime maintenance, ensuring their customers receive quality products that are long-lasting and reliable. They have a large team of experienced employees, consisting of more than 140 staff members, and operate from two factories, which have a total area of 18,000m2.

In addition, VIETSTEEL has a special processing workshop that spans 2,000m2 and features the latest technology for CNC milling, CNC turning, wire cutting, and more. This ensures that they are able to preserve the quality of all mechanical parts of their machines and guarantee that the machine can run steadily for 15 years.

For more information: Registering to the participate in Houston Build Expo or requesting a quotation from June to July, you will be Discount On Roll Forming Machines For Special Event From June to July, 2023, contact our hotline at +84 906 898 860 or send an email to

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