Understanding the details of Seamlock roll forming machine

máy cán tôn seamlock

Seamlock is a non-screw roll formed sheet metal, bonded by a double lock joint that ensures absolute tightness. In order to produce large quantities of Seamlock sheet metal in quality, the enterprises should have Seamlock roll forming machines. In the following article, VIETSTEEL will introduce details about Seamlock roll forming machine and the latest price list for you to refer to before deciding to invest.

Definition of Seamlock Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machine or seamlock roll forming machine is a type of machine of manufacturing purposes used in the mechanical industry. The machine creates standard lockseam roll formed sheet metal, serving the construction such as warehouses, factories, STADIUMS, airports, railway stations … In English we name it Seamlock roll forming machine.

Seamlock roll forming Machine

Common characteristics of Seamlock ROLL FORMING machines

Seamlock roll forming machine has many outstanding advantages compared to other models.

About the specifications

  • Machine weight: 6-7 tons
  • Size: L = 6.0-7.5m; W = 1m; H = 1.6m
  • Roller station: 14-18
  • Material width: 457/500/600 mm
  • Material Hardness: G400 – G550 Mpa
  • The touch panel and PLC of the models are all from SIEMENS – Germany or DELTA – Taiwan
  • SKD11 cutting knife is made using precise CNC machine, heat treatment reaches 52-58HRC
  • Rollers are made from C45 steel, precise CNC machining and chromium plating.

Seamlock roll forming machine designed for easy freight

About features

  • Seamlock roll forming machine is operated by intelligent, automatic control system. The machine can cut to any length and quantity. It is pre-setup technology. Therefore, workers do not need to spend too much time in installing or standing guarding the machine until the end of the process. The automation of the machine is improved to help businesses save time and costs.
  • The entire machine system control panel saves labor costs when only one person needed is standing to check and control the operation of the machine. If a problem with the manufacturing line occurs, the panel can quickly pause by a simple operation step.
  • At the beginning or end of the production process, the Seamlock roll forming machine will automatically adjust the conveyor speed. When starting, the machine line runs from slow to fast. At the end of the process, the speed line will slow down and stop completely.
  • Seamlock roll forming machine is installed with hydraulic system to help the machine system cool down, not to overheat the engine, and increase the operating time up to 22 hours continuously. During usage, maintenance of the machine should be retained by the business to ensure its life-span.
  • Seamlock roll forming machine preserves millimeter accuracy. Seamlock roll formed sheet metal products are created to ensure their quality, designs, profiles, high durability.

Some outstanding advantages of Seamlock roll forming machine

  • Seamlock roll forming machine with rollers and die mold specially designed to create an excellent Seamlock profiles – non-screw roofing steel, linked by double lock joints ensuring absolute tightness – raises its aesthetics and popularity in civil construction.
  • Rollers are of alloy steel made by CNC precision machine, heat treatment and hard chromium plating reaching 45-48HRC to ensure the quality of products to the standard.
  • The die mold is SKD11 steel made by CNC machine, heat treatment reaches 55-60HRC.
  • The machine is designed to be compact, convenient for mobility at construction site.

     Seamlock machine operated at the construction site

Compare different models of Seamlock roll forming machines

CriteriaModel SL – EHModel SL – HD
Transmission11 kW7.5 kw
Engine5.5 kW
Machine Weight6 – 7 tons6 – 7 tons
DimensionL = 6.0-7.5m; W = 1m; H = 1.6mL = 6.0 – 7.5m; W = 1m; H = 1.6m
Rolling speed25 – 30 meters/min18-20 meters/min

Seamlock Roll Shape Generator Price

At the moment, the cost of roll forming machines, also known as Seamlock roll forming machines, ranges about 500 million VND suitable for all business sizes. Enterprises investing capitals in these products will create high and long-term profits.

With the thriving economy, the demands for roofing in construction and industry are very high, especially roll formed sheet metal. Vietsteel is proud to be a leading company in providing high-quality roll forming machines in Vietnam. Our products bring long-term investment values to your business.