Floordeck roll forming Machine

Máy cán tấm sàn Floordeck Roll Forming Machine
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It is not a new thing in construction industry, floordeck roll forming machines have been serving as invaluable merchandise in this field.

Floordeck roll forming Machine Definition

Floordeck roll forming machine used to fabricate floor decking of the composite slabs used in construction.

Common form of floor plate rolling machine

Outstanding advantages of Floordeck roll forming machine

Floordeck roll forming machine has many outstanding features, suitable in the mechanical manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

About features

  • Floordeck roll forming machine automatically shapes and cuts to any length with preset quantity. Workers just need to manipulate on the controller the desired size and press start button to activate the production line. The product will be completed according to the pre-installed size, with high accuracy and low uncertainties. 
  • Floordeck roll forming machine has a smart control system so it can automatically give notice before the order ends. So, the operator does not need to wait till the line is finished. The Automation of the machine helps save costs, keep man work more productive during operation period. The safety factor can highly be achieved during the production process.
  • The next modern feature of the floor-deck roll forming machine is the signal response from the encoder that displays the existing length of the product.
  • The panel of the Floordeck roll forming machine allows to count the total length of the finished coil. The automatic counting will produce accurate parameters, avoid confusion, save working time, report quickly when the manufacturing process is completed. 
  • Rollers are alloy steels made by precise CNC machines and have hard chromium plating of 45-48HRC.
  • Floordeck roll forming machine has skd11 steel cutting knife made of CNC machine; the smelter reached 55-60HRC.
  • Floordeck roll forming machine is installed with hydraulic system and cooling system capable of operating continuously from 20 hours to 22 hours per day. However, customers should not let the machine run continuously for long periods of time to avoid short-burning or shortened life expectancy. Enterprises should regularly maintain the machine so that the machine achieves maximum capacity, long lifespan. 
FD-EH Model Floor-deck Rolling Machine

Compare the differences between the two types of models of floor rolling machines

CriteriaModel FD- HD Model FD – EH 
Pump Motor Power22 -30 kW22 kW-30 kW
Weight20 – 25 tons20-25 tons (according to the file)
DimensionL = 12 -22m; W = 1.8m; H = 1.9mL = 12-22m; W = 2.1m; H = 1.9m
Speed rate12 – 16 meters/min16 -20mpm
Cutting systemHydraulic systemHydraulic system
TransmissionHydraulic motorElectric motors and gearboxes
Control systemHydraulic systemHydraulic system
FD-HD Model Floor-deck Rolling Machine

About components

• KUBLER Encode kit – Germany or DELTA – Taiwan

• Electric motor TOSHIBA – Japan or ABB – Switzerland

• SIEMENS – Germany or DELTA – Taiwan Touch panel and PLC

The components of floordeck roll forming machine are imported from reputable suppliers in the world, ensuring the quality of the equipment. Moreover, the machine is designed to optimize size so that it can be conveniently transported to customer’s destination.

Floordeck roll forming machines are usually guaranteed for 1 year and maintained for life. Investors should choose reputable producers to receive the best warranty and maintenance policy.

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