The fact about roll forming machine

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The fact about roll forming machine

Roll forming machine is a type of machine to form large quantities of roof sheeting to many different shapes and designs. Roll forming machine is suitable for businesses that want to create quality, aesthetical impression, durable roofing products and are ready for long-term investment. Here are the things you might have not heard about the roll forming machine (roof sheeting).

Practical benefits of using roll forming machine

Corrugated roll forming machine – New rotary cut technology

Roll forming machines not only help increase productivity but also save costs for businesses. 

With advantages such as large, fast forming speed, high productivity, automation, roll forming machines improve practical benefits:

• Ensure roof sheeting products to meet customers’ requirements; as a result of that increase the level of trust and revenue for the business. The roll forming machine can produce many different thicknesses, colors, materials depending on customer orders. 

• Help businesses save costs of hiring labor and insurance: The cost of a roll forming machine is reasonable. Because the production process of roof sheeting is fully automatic, it does not require much human resource to operate as before. 

• Help businesses save costs on warranty and maintenance: If you buy a good roll forming machine, it will significantly reduce maintenance and warranty costs, thereby improving production productivity. 

• Save a lot of costs leading to lower prices, increasing competitiveness in the market. 

• Machines usually run steadily for many years, and businesses do not have to plan to replace them regularly.

Types of roll forming machines

Crimping Curve Machine

There are many types of roll forming machines on the market. Depending on the purpose and needs of the business, customers choose the most cost-effective and efficient roll forming machine. Some of the most popular types of machines on the market are:

• Step tile roll forming machine, corrugated roll forming machine 

• Kliplock roll forming machine, Seamlock roll forming machine 

• Crimping Curve machine roll forming machine, mini barrel corrugated roll forming machine 

• Roofing roll forming machine such as: 4 rib, 5 rib roll forming machine; 6 rib, 7 rib, 9 rib, 11 rib and 13 rib roll forming machine. 

• The double deck roll forming machine include double roofing roll forming decks; roofing roll forming deck + corrugated roll forming deck; roofing roll forming deck + step tile roll forming deck; or corrugated roll forming deck + step tile roll forming deck; produces many different profile types.

Not all types of sheeting material can be in roll forming process

There is a lot of information on the market sharing that aluminum, tin, zinc, and steel materials can all be put into the roll forming machine for roof sheeting making process. However, if you want the products to be of the best quality, Vietsteel suggests that you should only put the following materials into your roll forming machine:

• Zinc galvanized: The final product is with high durability, good ductility, but the disadvantage is the high cost. 

• Black steel, Zinc galvanized steel: Using carbon steel with hardness ranging from 300 – 550 Mpa. To overcome the above phenomenon, producers often galvanize with zinc or electrostatically paint the billet coils.

The roll forming machine can be designed to meet any special requirements of our clients

The 3-in-1 roll forming machine – Produce 3 different profiles within one machine

Ridge capping machine long span – with painting in compliance with client’s request

Cassette block machine, can produce 3 profiles – Optimal choice to save investment costs 

Vietsteel can totally design and manufacture roll forming machines in accordance with the individual requirements of each business. 

At the moment, most of the machinery and equipment used to produce metal roof sheeting are imported from abroad such as Japan, Taiwan, etc., The cost is relatively high, so the design exacting the real needs of a business is comparatively difficult. 

Our staff are more than 140 experienced employees, and we have 2 factories (18,000m2), a special processing workshop (2,000m2) with the latest technology for CNC milling, CNC turning, wire cutting…. We preserve our quality for all mechanical parts of the machine. We can design, manufacture and install your roll forming machine exacting your standard requirements. Your businesses in need of custom roll forming machines can be our clients at Vietsteel Ltd.

The truth is that finding a prestigious supplier of roll forming machine when starting an open metal sheeting business is not easy at the moment. Vietsteel suggests some criteria to choose a reputable supplier and manufacturer of roll forming machines:

• Having a long-standing brand name in the market: Because this field is very competitive, it requires large enough capital and market share to survive. The bigger the brand and the longer it has been around, the more prestigious it will be. 

• Having strong financial capacity: ensuring on-time delivery of the machine, meeting the right materials from big brands as listed in the contract. 

• Have a suitable price: To optimize the initial capital when setting up the factory. 

• Having an experienced technical team: When there is a problem with the roll forming machine, there will be a reliable supporting team to help handle it quickly, avoid any interruption of the production process. 

• Have certain achievements in the field of activity.

• Having a processing workshop equipped with many modern materials and advanced technology to ensure the quality of the machine.

Vietsteel is the most prestigious address in Vietname in designing, manufacture and installing roll forming machines.

As a brand with over 22 years of experience, Vietsteel has successfully delivered and installed 3,500 machines for 420 customers in 41 countries. 

Our staff are more than 140 employees, and we have 2 factories (18,000m2), a special processing workshops (2,000m2) with CNC milling equipment, CNC turning, wire cutting, … We advance our products with high-end technology. At Vietsteel, we ensure the quality of input components, and so on, we supply complete products with high precision. We control the quality of all mechanical parts of the machine, ensure the machine to run steadily for 15 years and provide 1 year warranty with lifetime maintenance.

For detailed inquiries, please contact us via hotline +84 906 898 860, email 

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