Year-End Roll Forming Machine Specials: Crafting Success for the New Year!

Special Year end Roll forming machine
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Welcome to Vietsteel Machinery. Vietsteel Machinery’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality and flexible roll forming machines with a focus on customization. This customer-centric approach, prioritizing quality and meeting specific needs, is likely to resonate well in the industry. Here are a few points that highlight the strengths of Vietsteel Machinery based on the provided information

Professional Manufacturing in Vietnam

The emphasis on professional and reasonable manufacturing in Vietnam indicates a commitment to delivering products with high standards while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Flexibility and Customization

Offering flexible machines with customized designs allows customers to tailor the equipment to their unique requirements. This flexibility can be a key differentiator, as businesses often have diverse needs in terms of production processes.

Vietsteel Machinery Roll Forming Machine

Quality Assurance

Prioritizing quality is crucial, and Vietsteel’s dedication to ensuring the highest quality in its machines is likely to instill confidence in customers. Reliable and durable equipment contributes to long-term customer satisfaction.

Meeting Specific Customer Need

By focusing on meeting specific customer needs and requirements, Vietsteel acknowledges the importance of understanding the diverse challenges and goals of its clientele.

Personalized Touch

The incorporation of customized designs not only enhances the performance and efficiency of the machines but also adds a personalized touch. This can create a unique and memorable experience for customers.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The commitment to customer satisfaction, as reflected in the dedication to providing unique benefits and experiences, suggests a long-term vision for building strong relationships with clients.

Contributing to Customer Success

Vietsteel’s aim to contribute to the success of its customers aligns with the idea that a manufacturer’s success is intertwined with the success of its clients. This approach can foster trust and loyalty.

Building long-term relationships with customers is a commendable goal, and the combination of quality, flexibility, and customization is likely to position Vietsteel Machinery as a reliable and customer-focused provider in the roll forming machine industry. If there’s more information or specific details you’d like to share, feel free to provide additional insights.ư

About all kinds of roll forming machine

I. Step tile roll forming machine

1. Structure Step tile roll forming machine

Machine Weight: 12-18 tons
Dimensions: L = 6-12 m; W = 2.3-2.6 m; H = 1.6 m
Material Thickness: 0.18-0.5 mm
Input Sheet Width: 914/940/1200/1220/1250 mm
Material Hardness: G300-G450 Mpa (GI/PPGI, GL/PPGL)
Number of Forming Stations: 12-26
Control System: PLC, programmable HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
Cutting System: Hydraulic cylinder
SKD11 cutting blade, CNC precision, heat-treated (52-58 HRC hardness)
Rollers: C45 steel, CNC machined, chrome-plated

Features Step Tile Roll Forming Machine
Step tile roll forming machine

2. Features Step Tile Roll Forming Machine

Automatic shaping and cutting at any desired length with pre-set quantities
Intelligent control panel displaying total length of the finished coil
Automatic alert before the order is finished
20-22 hours/day continuous operation with equipped hydraulic system cooling
Finished products with near-perfect accuracy
Sheets have no exposed joints between panels when viewed from all directions

3. Benefits Step tile roll forming machine

Standardized mold design preventing waves from running diagonally
Accurate design and installation for smooth operation, avoiding serration
Stable performance for 15 years with a 1-year warranty
Capability to roll form wave tiles of various thicknesses, colors, and materials
Reasonable cost with low operating expenses, saving labor and insurance costs
Clear origin, good warranty policy, and Vietsteel team guidance on suitable machine models

More information about Step tile roll forming machine: [Click here]

II. C truss roll forming machine

1. Structure C Truss Roll Forming Machine

Specifications of the C-Truss Roll Forming Machine

Power Transmission: 11kw
Motor-Pump: 3.7kw
Weight of Machine:4.5 – 5.5 tons
Dimension:L= 7-8m; W= 1.2m; H= 1.4m
Forming Speed: 30mpm
Roller Stations: 18–20
Transmission System: Electric motor and Gearbox
Cutting System: Hydraulic cylinder
Control System: PLC, HMI automatic programmable
Material Thickness:0.5 – 1.2mm
Material Width:100 – 270 mm
Material Yield Strength: G450 – G550 Mpa
Rollers: Alloy Steel
Gearbox: Taiwan

C Truss Roll Forming Machine
C Truss Roll Forming Machine

2. Features C Truss Roll Forming Machine

Advantages of the C-Truss Roll Forming Machine:

High-Quality Products:
Designed to produce durable and high-quality C-Truss steel structures.
Equipped with advanced technology for accuracy and precision.
High Productivity:
Highly productive with a forming speed of 30 mpm and 18 to 20 roller stations.
Capable of producing large quantities of C-Truss steel structures efficiently.
Offers customization to meet specific customer requirements.
Can produce C-Truss steel structures of different sizes, shapes, and colors.
Precision and Accuracy:
Equipped with advanced technology, the machine ensures precision and accuracy in the production process, resulting in consistent and uniform products.
Durability and Longevity:
The C-Truss Roll Forming Machine is designed with durability in mind. Components like alloy steel fabricated rollers with hard chromium plating contribute to the machine’s resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a long operational life.
Signal Feedback and Automation:
The machine provides signal feedback from the encoder to display the length of the product. This feature enhances control and monitoring of the production process.

C Truss Roll Forming Machine

Energy-Efficient Operation:
With an 11kw motor and other energy-efficient components, the machine is designed to operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption.
Reliable Brand Components:
The machine incorporates components from reputable brands such as Siemens, Kubler, Yaskawa, Toshiba, Yuken, and more. This contributes to the reliability and performance of the machine.
Stable Performance with Warranty:
The machine is designed and installed for stable performance, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. This assurance underscores the manufacturer’s confidence in the machine’s durability and reliability.
Cost-Effective Operation:
The machine’s automated and efficient operation, coupled with low maintenance requirements, contributes to cost-effectiveness. This helps businesses save on labor and operating expenses over time.
Clear Origin and Support:
The machine comes with a clear origin, and the Vietsteel team provides advice on the machine model that suits the business situation. This support can be valuable for customers in making informed decisions.

More information about C Truss roll forming machine: [Click here]

III. Cable Tray roll Forming Machine

1. Structure C Truss Roll Forming Machine

Items     CB-EM Model
Power    – Transmission: 22kw
– Motor – Pump:  22kw
Weight of machine          14 – 26 tons
Dimension           L=14m;W=2.2m; H=1.8m
Forming Speed   1-5mpm
Roller stations    22 – 26
Transmission system       Electric motor and Gearbox
Cutting and Punching system       Hydraulic cylinder
Control system   PLC, HMI automatic programmable
Changing size     By screw
Material thickness            1 – 2 mm
Material width max         830mm
Material Yield Strength   G450 – G550 Mpa
Rollers   Alloy steel

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

2. Features cable tray roll forming machine

Advanced Features:

Flexibility for Various Applications:
The cable tray roll forming system, known as baskets, trunking, or cable ladders, is highly flexible and suitable for a range of applications, especially for running large quantities of data cables overhead or under the floor.
Support for Power and Signal Cables:
Cable trays serve as components of support systems for power and signal cables. They support and protect cables, making it easier to upgrade, expand, reconfigure, or relocate networks.
Hydraulic Punching System:
The punching system in the cable tray roll former operates using a hydraulic cylinder, enhancing the efficiency of the punching process.
Alternative to Wireways and Conduit:
Cable tray systems serve as alternatives to wireways and electrical conduit by providing support and protection to cables without completely enclosing them.
Ease of Operation, Cost-Effectiveness, and Space Efficiency:
The system is designed with ease of operation, cost-effectiveness, and space efficiency in mind, making it an attractive option for manufacturers.
Global Market Reach: The cable tray roll formers from Vietsteel Machinery have reached global markets, showcasing not only quality but also international appeal.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Customer-Focused Approach:
Vietsteel Machinery is committed to customization, tailoring solutions based on customers’ drawings, tolerance levels, and budget constraints.
Professional One-to-One Service:
The promise of providing professional one-to-one service demonstrates a commitment to adapting to diverse customer needs. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience.
Dedication to Specific Customer Needs:
Vietsteel Machinery prioritizes functionality and efficiency while understanding and meeting the specific needs of its customers.
Reliability of Offerings:
The assurance of obtaining perfectly functional profiles adds a touch of reliability to the offerings. This commitment to quality ensures that customers can trust the performance of the cable tray roll formers.
Customizable Perforated Cable Tray Roll Forming Machines:
Depending on clients’ needs, Vietsteel Machinery can customize its perforated cable tray roll forming machines, providing a tailored solution to meet specific requirements.

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IV. Floordeck roll forming machine

1. Structure Floor deck roll forming machine

Floordeck roll forming machine (Model FD-EH): Our company offers modern Floordeck Roll Forming Machine with hydraulic components of Yuken and Encoders of Kubler. This machine comes with powerful electric motor from Toshiba. Its unmatched PLC and touch panel from Siemens ensure user-friendly operations. This high-tech Floordeck Roll Forming Machine is available with the forming speed of 12 to 16 meters/ minute.

Specification Floordeck roll forming machine (Model FD-EH)

Items     FD-EH Model
Power    – Transmission: 22 – 30kw
– Motor-Pump: 11 – 15kw
Weight of machine          20 – 25 tons
Dimension           L = 12-22m ; W = 2.1m ; H = 1.9m
Forming Speed   16 – 20mpm
Roller stations    32 – 42
Transmission system       Electric motor andGear box
Cutting system   Hydraulic cylinder
Control system   PLC, HMI automatic programmable
Material thickness            0.7 –1.6 mm
Material width   1200– 1250mm
Material Yield Strength   G350 – G550 Mpa

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

2. Features floor deck roll forming machine

Floor deck roll forming machines are designed to produce floor decking profiles used in construction for flooring systems. These machines incorporate various features to ensure efficient, accurate, and reliable production. Here are some common features found in floor deck roll forming machines:Material Compatibility:
Floor deck roll forming machines are designed to work with different materials, such as galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, and other alloys commonly used in construction.
Multiple Forming Stations:
These machines typically have multiple forming stations to carry out various operations, including roll forming, pressing, and cutting. The number of stations can vary based on the complexity of the floor deck profile.
Quick Changeover:Quick changeover features allow operators to switch between different floor deck profiles efficiently. This is particularly important for manufacturers producing a variety of decking products.
Automated Operation:
Many modern floor deck roll forming machines are fully automated, reducing the reliance on manual labor. Automated systems control the feeding, forming, cutting, and stacking processes.
Hydraulic Cutting System:
Floor deck profiles often require precise cutting. Hydraulic cutting systems are commonly employed to ensure clean and accurate cuts, contributing to the overall quality of the product.
High-Speed Production:
Floor deck roll forming machines are designed for high-speed production to meet the demands of construction projects. The forming speed can be adjusted based on the specific requirements.
Safety Features:
Safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors, are incorporated to ensure the well-being of operators and comply with safety standards.
Roller Design:
The design of the rollers is critical for achieving accurate and consistent profiles. Rollers are often made of high-quality materials and may be coated to reduce wear and extend their lifespan.

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Profile Quality Monitoring:
Some machines come equipped with sensors or monitoring systems to check the quality of the formed profiles in real-time. This ensures that each piece meets the required specifications.
PLC Control System:
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems are used to control and coordinate the various functions of the machine. This allows for precise control and easy adjustments.
HMI (Human-Machine Interface):
An HMI panel or touchscreen interface is commonly used for user-friendly control and monitoring of the machine. Operators can input parameters and monitor the production process easily.
Energy Efficiency:
Energy-efficient components, such as variable frequency drives, are often integrated to optimize power consumption and reduce operational costs.
Decoiler and Stacking System:
Floor deck roll forming machines may include a decoiler to handle raw material coils and a stacking system to neatly collect the finished profiles for easy handling and transportation.
Customization Options:
Some machines offer customization options, allowing manufacturers to tailor the machine to produce specific floor deck profiles according to their project requirements.

More information about Floor Deck roll forming machine: [Click here]

V. CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine is a powerhouse for producing structural components crucial for building support. In essence, C purlins and z purlins serve as horizontal beams providing structural integrity to buildings. The roll former for purlins is a versatile machine capable of producing different-sized purlins, also known as Interchangeable purlin roll forming machine or z purlin making machine.

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The applications of C & Z purlins are diverse, making them indispensable in various construction scenarios:
Industrial Construction: Providing structural support in industrial settings.
Hall and Warehouse Construction: Crucial for constructing large spaces like halls and warehouses.
Extension Construction and Renovation: Used in extending existing structures or renovation projects.
Agricultural Projects: Essential in constructing structures for agricultural purposes.

The CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine thus plays a vital role in the construction industry, contributing to the stability and functionality of diverse building projects. The adaptability to produce different sizes makes it a valuable asset for builders and manufacturers alike.

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

With advancements in the field, we now have automatic quick-change C and Z steel purlin roll forming machines. Notably, our purlin machine is designed for swift changes between roll forming processes, specifically tailored for crafting Z-shaped steel.

On the flip side, channel sections without flange stiffeners are often referred to as U shapes. In the realm of steel building construction, secondary members such as purlins (for the roof) and girts (for the wall) are frequently crafted from cold-formed steel C, Z, or U sections, The highlight here – Vietsteel can manufacture Z, C, along with a Purlin Roll Forming Machine, available in various sizes with incredibly precise punching options.

This design addresses structural strength issues, speed differences, and deviations. The control system is a seamless blend of industrial PLC and automatic  programmable electrical components, complemented by a user-friendly human-computer interaction interface.
In terms of machine design capacity for the Purlin Roll Forming Machine:
Raw material thickness: 1.2-3.2mm
Input material width: 200-600mm
Raw material yield limit: G300 – G550MPA
Production line working speed: 12-16 meters/min
Machine power: 22 kW

More information about CZ Purlin roll forming machine: [Click here]

Vietsteel Machinery in the sheet metal, construction, and manufacturing industries. Here’s a summary of key information about Vietsteel Machinery:

Products Offered:

Manufacturing and Quality Commitment:
Vietsteel Machinery takes pride in manufacturing all of its machines professionally and reasonably in Vietnam.
The company is dedicated to offering flexible machines of the highest quality with customized designs.
Prioritizing quality and customization ensures that machines meet specific customer needs and enhance overall performance and efficiency.
Vietsteel aims to provide a personalized touch that aligns with each customer’s preferences.
Customer Satisfaction and Long-Term Relationships:
Vietsteel’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its approach of delivering unique benefits and experiences.
The company strives to establish long-term relationships with its customers, contributing to their success in the industries they operate in.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and the best quotation, customers can contact Vietsteel through:
Phone: +84 906 898 860