Understanding metal stud and track framing: What you need to know?

Metal Stud and Track Framing
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It involves using lightweight metal studs and tracks to create the framework for walls, ceilings, and partitions. Metal framing is known for its durability, and ease of installation. It is also more cost-effective and eco-friendly than wood framing. If you are considering metal stud and track framing for your construction project, it is important to understand the basics of the process and the benefits it offers. Let ‘s understand metal stud and track framing: What you need to know?

1. What is metal stud and track framing?

Metal stud and track framing is a construction method that involves using lightweight steel studs and tracks, is an alternative to wood framing and has been popular in commercial construction, to create a framework for walls, ceilings, and partitions in buildings. The studs and tracks are typically made of galvanized steel and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different building designs and applications. Metal stud and track framing is popular because it is easy to install, durable, and resistant to fire, insects, and moisture. It is commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects..

Metal Stud and Track Framing
Metal Stud and Track Framing

2. Components of metal stud and track framing

Metal stud and track framing is composed of several components, including furring channels, carrying channels, studs, tracks, wall angle, and main frame channel. The two most commonly used frames are the metal U Track, which serves as the horizontal framework of stud partitions, and the C Stud, which is a lightweight, C-shaped galvanized mild steel section used vertically to form a partition wall or wall lining.

To manufacture C Studs, a coil of galvanized steel is taken and shaped into a “C” shape using a  roll forming machine. The studs are then cut into different lengths, automatic cut to length as your orders.

Metal U Track is a versatile and durable galvanized steel section that plays a crucial role in constructing metal wall framing. It serves as the horizontal framework of a partition wall, working in tandem with metal C studs. With an extensive range of sections available, Metal U Track can suit all partition systems. These lightweight steel sections are typically identified by their width, depth, and length.

Metal U Track and C Stud are essential elements of a metal stud and track framing system, which is a cost-effective and lightweight solution for constructing non-load-bearing partition walls. The U Track serves as both the top and bottom plates of the structure, while the C Studs are fixed within the channel created by the U Track. This creates a strong and compact framework that is ideal for partition walls.

Metal Stud and Track Framing

3. The advantages of metal stud and track framing

Metal stud and track framing is known for its stability and durability. Unlike wood, metal studs and tracks do not warp or rot, making them an ideal choice for construction projects that require long-lasting, sturdy structures.
Metal studs and tracks are lightweight and easy to carry, making them easy to install. They are attached with screws, which means they can be easily taken apart, changed or moved if necessary.
Metal stud and track framing is known for its superior strength and flexible design. This makes it an ideal choice for construction projects that require strength and versatility.
Metal studs and tracks are impervious to fire as well as termites and ants. This makes them a safer and more reliable choice for construction projects.
Metal studs and tracks are available in custom sizes, which means there is less waste compared to wood.

Metal stud and track framing

4. Disadvantages Metal Stud and Track framing

There are a few drawbacks to using metal stud and track framing as a construction method. Firstly, it tends to be more costly than other framing options such as modular or wood framing. Additionally, certain components of the metal framing may need to be treated with non-combustible foam, encased in concrete, or surrounded by fire-resistant drywall to meet building codes and safety standards.

5. Metal Stud and Track rolling forming machine

metal stud and track framing
Metal stud and track framing Machine

The C Stud & U Track Roll Forming Machine / U/C Truss Roll Forming Machine, exclusively manufactured by Vietsteel Vietnam, is a fully automated production system that can efficiently produce C Stud and U Track profiles. The machine comes with additional features such as hole punching and custom logo embossing.

ItemsTR-EH ModelTR-HD ModelTR-FL Model
Power– Transmission: 11kw
– Motor-Pump:3.7kw
Motor-Pump: 7.5kw– Transmission: 15kw
– Motor-Pump: 5.5kw
– Motor-Fly cut:5.5–7.5kw
Weight of machine4.5 – 5.5 tons4 tons6 tons
DimensionL= 7-8m; W= 1.2m; H= 1.4mL=5.8m; W= 0.6m; H=1.4mL= 9-10m; W= 1.2m; H= 1.4m
Forming Speed30mpm20mpm60 mpm
Roller stations18–2016–1820 – 22
Transmission systemElectric motor and Gear boxHydraulic MotorElectric motor and Gear box
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinderHydraulic cylinderHydraulic cylinder and fly cut by Servo motor
Control systemPLC, HMI automatic programmablePLC, HMI automatic programmableMotion, HMI automatic programmable
Material thickness0.5 – 1.2mm0.5 – 1.2mm0.5 – 1.0mm
Material width100 – 270 mm100 – 270 mm100 – 270 mm
Material Yield StrengthG450 – G550 MpaG450 – G550 MpaG450 – G550 Mpa
NameTR-EH ModelTR-HD ModelTR-FL Model
PLCSIEMENS – GermanyDelta – TaiwanYASKAWA – Japan
Touch panelSIEMENS – GermanyDelta – TaiwanPROFACE – Japan
EncodersKUBLER – GermanyAutonics – KoreaOMRON– Japan
InverterYASKAWA – Japan YASKAWA – Japan
Electric motorTOSHIBA – JapanTOSHIBA – JapanTOSHIBA – Japan
Servo motor  YASKAWA – Japan
Hydraulic componentsYUKEN – JapanYUKEN – JapanYUKEN – Japan
Cutting dies SKD11JapanJapanJapan
RollersAlloy steelAlloy steelAlloy steel
Gear boxTaiwan Taiwan

Smartframe System Solution Roll Forming Machine

– A light steel frame design software to extract the estimated volume and cost.
– A software to convert the drawing file to an NC code.
– A monitoring software to control the machine used.
Smart Light Truss machine modern produces all components according to design automatically
Wall, floor and roof structures are design as module, that ensures quickly installation

Smartframe System Solution
Smartframe System Solution
Electric requirement:415V/3ph/50Hz
Electric Power:Servo motor: 11 Kw
Hydraulic motor: 7.5 Kw
Weight:05 tons
Machine dimension (LxWxH):5m x 1.0m x 1.5m
Forming speed:28 mpm(without punching)
05-08 mpm(with punching)
Roller station:12
Transmission system:Servo motor and gear box
Cutting systemHydraulic cylinder
Punching systemHydraulic Cylinder
Control system :FrameWare
Windows based PC for programming & monitoring

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