The differences between Roofing roll forming machine and Kliplok roll forming machine

Roofing roll forming machine and Kliplok roll forming machine both provide our customers high-quality, modern and aesthetic roof sheeting products. In this article, Vietsteel will analyze the differences between traditional roofing roll forming machine and Kliplok roll forming machine.

1. Comparing in terms of definition of each machine

Roofing roll forming machine is a type of roll forming machine producing roof sheeting profiles in many forms such as: 5 rib, 6 rib, 9 rib, 11 rib, 13 rib…”. Each roofing metal sheet will be joined with one another by screws.

Roofing roll forming machine

Kliplok roll forming machine is type roll forming machine. However, each Kliplok metal sheet will be joined with one another by a new way without using screws.

Kliplok roll forming machine

2. Profile

CriteriaRoofing roll forming machineKliplock roll forming machine
ProductRoofing roll forming sheeting are in various designs, precise profiles depending on customer’s requirements. Commonly picked profiles are: 5 rib, 7 rib, 9 ribSheeting products are also manufactured according to customer requirements. However, the Kliplok sheeting is designed so that the lock clips can be fixed and the use of screws is eliminated on the surface of the sheeting. There are many types of profiles with different sizes.

Product characteristics+ Material width 680mm – 1200mm+ Material thickness: 0.2 mm – 0.6 mm (depending on requirements)+Screws connecting between roof and purlins are the SRMT screws 12-14 X 55mm+Screws connecting between panel walls and purlins are the SRMT 12-14 X 20mm, with heat treatment and Zinc-Tin plated.+ Material width 420mm – 975mm
+Lock clips are designed to fit the Kliplok ridge to one another.+Material thickness: 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm (depending on requirements)+ Lock clips are made of zinc plated steel or Al alloy. + The Kliplok sheet and purlins are connected together via lock clips. Screws are not used to connect between the Kliplok sheeting and the purlins.
Product applicationsRoofing roll form sheeting are used in small- and large-scale projects, from factories to industrial buildings, with a large area up to 3000m2.Kliplok sheeting are used as roofing in large projects with large area from 5000m2 or more.
AdvantagesThe common type, many people prefer, due to construction and installation on the construction site. There is a requirement of using fixing screws.Kliplok sheeting prolong the life span of the project by not using drilling screws, and create leakage free, rust free in the drilled holes.
DisadvantagesTechnical requirements for erection must be: The screw holes are compact and are not deviated, because rust can affect and shorten life-span of the construction.

The connections require lock clips to firmly fix. The installers should know construction techniques for this type of sheeting.

Table 1:The products are different when comparing between Roofing roll forming machine and Kliplok roll forming machine

Roofing roll form sheeting                                          Kliplok sheeting

3. Specifications

CriteriaRoofing roll forming machineKliplock roll forming machine
Weight of machine9 -16 tons14-16 tons
DimensionL = 9-15m; W = 1,5-2,0m; H = 1,6mL = 12-14m; W = 1,7-1,9mm; H = 1,7m
Material thickness0,2-0,6m0,4-0,6m
Material width914/940/1200/1220/1250/1450 mm598/914/1200/1220 mm
Material Yield StrengthG300 – G550 Mpa (GI / PPGI, GL / PPGL)G400 – G550 Mpa (GI / PPGI, PPGL)
Roller Stations20 – 3228 – 40

Table 2: The differences in terms of specifications between roofing roll forming machine and Kliplovk roll forming machine

4. Quotation

The Kliplok roll forming machine has a slightly higher price than the roofing roll forming machine, due to many factors including technical features and complexity of the design. 

Being one of the leading experts in Vietnam in designing, manufacturing and installing all lines of roofing roll forming machine, Kliplok roll forming machine…VIETSTEEL provides all kinds of roll forming machine at reasonable prices. Our staff are more than 140 experienced employees, and we have 2 factories (18,000m2), a special processing workshop (2,000m2) with the latest technology for CNC milling, CNC turning, wire cutting… We preserve our quality for all mechanical parts of the machine. We ensure the machine to run steadily for 15 years and we provide 1 year of warranty. 

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