Roofing Roll Forming Machine (RF-HD Model)

Roofing Roll Forming Machine
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Along with the development of construction, more and more works have been started. Therefore, the demand for roofing has also increased rapidly.

With some advantages such as compact frame weight, economical frame structure material, durability, limiting the impact of the environment with aesthetic and waterproof, Metal roofing sheets quickly replace materials such as tile, slate, plastic, wood …

So, there are many types of roofing roll forming machine. They are divided into several lines with the diversified speed, it can reach 20 meters / minute, 30 meters / minute, 40 meters / minute with stop-cut system, 50 meters / minute or higher with fly-cut system.

Besides, the profile of the roll forming machine is also very diverse, with many wave patterns such as: 5 – 11 ribs/ round or square ribs/ step tile profile.

There are many ways to arrange the machine diagram, depending on the specific case that we adjust so that reasonable, the most economical with the best product quality.

+ Layout and Working Flow

(hình layout + sơ đồ làm việc)

Roofing Roll Forming Machine (RF-HD Model)  layout vietsteel

5ribs Roofing roll forming machine made by VietSteel is designed with the following specifications.

Roofing Roll Forming Machine (RF-HD Model) vietsteel

+ Technical Data

  • Material thickness: 0.16mm – 0.7mm
  • Speed: 20meters/ minutes
Roofing Roll Forming Machine (RF-HD Model) vietsteel

The machine is designed: 21 pairs of rollers, which are alloy steel fabricated by CNC precision machine and hard chromium plated. Cutting die is SKD11 steel fabricated by CNC machine, thermal treatment got 55-60HRC. Hydraulic system is equipped with a cooling system to afford the machine operating continuously from 20-22hours per day.

The products from our machine are always ensure not only the quality but also the aesthetics.

Vietsteel is proud to be the most reliable partner in Vietnam with over 21 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, cooperating with more than 1,000 customers from more than 40 countries in the world such as Europe, Australia, Africa, etc. We commit to provide our customers the most competitive prices, best quality along with professional after sales service.